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A riveting and motivational public speaker, Mark has a message that will change your mind about today’s younger generations. Find out why thousands of parents, educators, and employers are raving about the insights and strategies that Mark delivers in every keynote. Whether in person or virtual, you’ll leave equipped to change course, set new goals, and experience real results. Sit down, strap in, and get ready to shift the paradigm!

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Best keynote speech I have heard in 30 years.

- Stephen Freeman VP at M&T Insurance Agency Inc.

Mark’s session was the most inspiring and engaging experience I have had in a long time to regard to K-12 public education.

- Chad Wyen Superintendent at Mad River Local Schools

This was the best keynote I have ever been to! It was so inspiring the whole way through, provided easily applicable information and left me ready to act!

- Shelley Baudean Grants Specialist

Life changing message. Let me say I feel I’ve learned a new way to understand and speak to my grandkids and the younger generation.

- Terry Strayhand CTE Grants & Accountability LEAD

I’ve gained a better understanding of how to unleash the potential I see in so many of our high school students. Mark is knowledgeable, personable and the right leader to guide this “shift” in the way schools and communities support their students.

- Amy Stafford Principal, Kohala High School (VIRTUAL PRESENTATION)

Absolutely hit the target for students of today and the impact of teaching for their future.

- Missie McKinney Assistant Principal at Dalton High School

Amazing presenter! Mark makes it real. He bridges the gap between education and employment.

- Terry Krezmer Human Resources at Larson Design Group

You know a speaker is great when he inspires you to race back to your office or classroom to start implementing what he said. Mark is that kind of speaker.

- Sally Pestana Kapiolani Community College

Mark Perna — what a change agent! Amazing presentation! Mark shows that we should believe in today’s younger generation and help them open every new door.

- Timothy Reilly Teacher, Author, Global Director at Farmington High School

Buckle up for a fast, furious conversation of motivating younger generations and becoming aware of the issues with employment gaps and the way to fix them. Very exciting conversation with Mark Perna.

- Sadie Fritzler Career Coach at Northeastern Junior College

This is an amazing book you can apply to every area of your life. Educators, trainers, and anyone working with young people today will discover the tools and strategies to build direction, motivation, and passion in these pages.

- Brian Tracy Bestselling Author of 86 Books

Perceptive…reasonable and thought-provoking.

- Publishers Weekly

Engaging. Accurate. Insightful. Mark Perna truly understands how the older and younger generations work (and sometimes don’t work) together. His insights will spark productive conversations and challenge the stigmas that have held the younger generations back in today’s workforce.

- Adam Robinson Founder and CEO of Hireology and author of The Best Team Wins

Mark is fantastic at explaining the pressures and expectations weighing on the younger generation entering the workforce. Written for those looking to hire and retain Generations Y and Z, this book outlines who they are and how we can empower them to turn the business world on its head.

- Christine Hassler Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

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Weekly Contributor at Forbes.com

At Forbes.com, Mark writes regularly about unleashing passion, purpose, and performance in younger generations and how that intersects education, career, workforce development, and the new multigenerational workplace.

Founder and CEO

Almost 25 years ago, Mark saw the need for high-quality consulting and strategic planning services in the education and workforce development sector. To meet that need, he founded TFS Results. Today, the company is a full-service strategic consulting and communications firm partnering with leaders in education and industry across North America. The mission is simple: TFS Results shares and supports your passion for making a difference.

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