159 - New Hires, Ask Questions and Listen Well

Posted March 18, 2021 by Mark Perna

Episode: 159

Episode Title: New Hires, Ask Questions and Listen Well

If you started a new job remotely in 2020, you might be struggling to connect with your workplace culture. Here’s one simple strategy to change that, coming up next. 


Ep 159 show:

Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! If you’re a newly hired employee, you can probably identify with the results of the recent study by TINYpulse. The analysis found that employees who were onboarded remotely in 2020 were less connected to their coworkers and to the overall vision of the organization. 


And little wonder. It’s hard enough starting a new job in person. But trying to do it virtually is even tougher. 


If this is you, you can take ownership of your own growth as a contributing and connected member of the team. And one easy way to do this is simply to ask questions. 


Keep a list of questions right next to the computer. Some questions will be tactical and others, more strategic. Some will be on a more personal level, to get to know your team members better. When you’re on a video call with a supervisor or peer, be prepared to ask your questions—and listen well to the answers.


Asking questions shows that you really want to know your coworkers better, and that you care about contributing significantly to the work at hand. Listening well to the answers will build the trust and rapport that is at the heart of every dynamic team.  


You owe it to yourself and to the organization to engage with the culture and the coworkers who are part of your professional world. So ask questions, listen well, and build a deeper connection in your new workplace.


Tomorrow, we’ll talk about what happens if remote employees never make that critical connection at work. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you then! 

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