83 - How to Alleviate Career Scarring

Posted December 2, 2020 by Mark Perna

Episode: 83

Episode Title: How to Alleviate Career Scarring


Career scarring can have a huge impact on workers launching their careers during a recession. Here are three strategies to alleviate the worst effects, for anyone whose career has been derailed by the pandemic.


Ep 83 show:

Hello, and welcome—you are now in the Perna Syndicate! Career scarring, or the trend of lower salaries and higher unemployment rates for college grads who start their careers during a struggling economy, isn’t just a problem for newly graduated workers. Many seasoned employees are joining the job hunt, too. And the advice is the same for everyone. 


First, get connected to the job-hunting resources that are out there. You’re not alone in your job search; there are many others experiencing the same challenges, and this creates a definite market for career resources and connections.


Secondly, stay hopeful. Recessions don’t last forever. Some industries are undoubtedly struggling, but others are seeing a surge in growth. The economy could bounce back quicker than expected—and with it, your career. Tempering a realistic perspective with a dose of optimism can make a big difference in your anxiety level as you navigate a post-pandemic job market.


Finally, don’t forget what you have to offer. Your contribution matters more than ever in a world so unsettled. America needs professionals in every industry who can bring fresh approaches to old problems that are now magnified by the pandemic. It’s a perfect opportunity for young workers to break into their fields and innovate at a faster pace than ever before. 


Unfortunately, career scarring is all too real—but you can alleviate it by staying connected, hopeful, and ready to make a positive difference. 


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