Founder’s Perspective: The Skill of How to Learn

The 2019–20 school year is upon us, and it’s a busy time. Everyone is prepping and planning and putting together the framework of the coming year. Amidst the busyness, it can be hard to think past next week. And yet the reality is that what we are teaching young people today will have an impact… Read more »

TFS Founder’s Perspective: We Should Be Making Students Career Ready, Period.

“College and Career Ready.” It’s a great promise. It inspires confidence. It makes me want to get behind the organizations that are delivering this for students. But are we really living up to what it means? According to the College & Career Readiness & Success Center, “College and career ready means that students graduate from… Read more »

Graduates, Build Your Dream — Not Someone Else’s

Hello graduates—or soon-to-be graduates! You’ve accomplished so much and you should be proud. There are so many great things waiting for you. So are you ready to live the dream? Living the dream—it sounds great. But what dream am I talking about? It’s whatever your dream happens to be. It can mean whatever you want… Read more »

When the Branch Creaks: How Crisis Moments Create Positive Change

If you’ve ever heard me speak or read my book, you’re probably familiar with my branch-creak story and the metaphor it created. Long story short: I loved climbing trees as a child, but there was one day this fun hobby almost didn’t love me back. I was high up in an old oak, enjoying the… Read more »

Education with Purpose: A Paradigm Shift

Direction. Confidence. Marketable skills. Passion. All of these things are essential ingredients in a person’s lifelong success—and it’s the laudable goal of most educators in America to teach these attributes alongside their academic subjects. We want to help shape the next generation of intelligent, productive citizens who graduate with a bright future ahead. There’s no… Read more »

Two Awards Later, I’m Still Stunned

A few weeks ago, I learned that my book Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations had won Silver in the 2019 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards. I was, in a word, stunned. Yes, I poured my heart and soul into making this book the best it could be. I drew on… Read more »

Soft Skills…Are You Kidding Me?

Are soft skills important in the age of the technical skills gap? Yes, they are—more than ever. In 2016, The Wall Street Journal surveyed over 900 executives to discover the relative importance they placed on technical and soft skills. Fully 92% reported that soft skills like communication, curiosity, and critical thinking were equally important as… Read more »

Meet Our Newest TFS Team Member: Cindy May

I’m delighted to introduce the latest addition to the TFS team, Client Development Coordinator Cindy May! Because of the high standards set for every member of the TFS team, it can take some time to find the ideal candidate to fill a needed position. When I met Cindy, I knew she could be a perfect… Read more »

The Danger of Education for Education’s Sake

Education for education’s sake alone sounds noble, doesn’t it? No mercenary motivations here, just pure learning and the acquisition of knowledge. It may sound good, but unfortunately it doesn’t work so well in the real world. Education debt is at an all-time high in the U.S. today. The New York Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Panel… Read more »