What Can Deliverables Do For You?

Posted July 14, 2015 by Kristy Warrell

Powerful enrollment and recruitment results may start with a great idea and a strategic plan… but they don’t end there. To reach your prospective students and position your organization as a serious first choice for their education and training needs, a strategic plan by itself is not enough. The plan has to be fleshed out. It’s the “I” word: implementation. In this blog, I want to look at one specific piece of implementing the plan, and that is deliverables mailing.

You’ve determined what your value proposition and message should be. You’ve used the Rain Effect strategy to develop a plan for targeted mailings and value drips to fall on your prospects. The brand graphics and designs may already be in place. Now, it’s time to put the pieces together and physically deliver that message to your targeted audience.

Mailing deliverables is an art and a science, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. The key to an effective campaign is to merge the right marketing with the right vehicle to maximize audience engagement and interest… and of course, get the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons. Effective drips are as much about user-friendliness and intelligent timing as they are about the content itself. Simple, easy-to-understand materials will get your message across.

Though postcards, catalogs, brochures, invites, and more are essential components of your drip plan, it’s also helpful to think beyond just paper. What if your message was printed on something else, too? With today’s printing technologies, almost anything can become a marketing drip to draw people closer to your Enrollment Funnel. Here’s a couple we like:

  • A beach ball with your logo that is sent to incoming students near the start of summer, keeping your organization top of mind in a positive way even during summer activities and promoting your image as a fun place to be.
  • A magnet mailed out near the start of the school year showing important dates the student will want to remember.
  • Car air fresheners with your logo.
  • Branded coffee mugs with your logo and tagline.
  • Calendars featuring your campus and students working in your labs.
  • Jump drives with your logo.
  • Stationery items like post-it notes.
  • And more!

Even if these types of messaging drips aren’t in the forecast for your organization, paper mailings can take on a new life with attention-grabbing die-cuts, ink effects, personalization, and a host of other printing tricks to make even a simple piece stand out.

With our mail-shop expertise and creativity on your side, you can explore the possibilities for effective deliverables mailing campaigns that work within your budget to generate great results. And now we want to open up the floor: what other creative deliverables has your organization used? What everyday items can we turn into marketing drips to advance your image? What promotional ideas are still in the making? Let’s think outside the box together!

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