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The Entrepreneurs: Generation Z and Employers

Generation Z, born roughly starting in 1996, is shaping up to become one of the most entrepreneurial generational cohorts in our history. With a recent Gallup poll indicating that nearly 80% want to be their own boss someday, we’re going to see massive shifts in the workplace, the training market, and the way young people… Read more »

New Career Tree Best Practice: Professional Skills Score

Today I’m eager to share with you an amazing Career Tree best practice developed by Great Oaks of Cincinnati, Ohio: the Professional Skills Score report. This tool, spearheaded by Assistant Dean of Instruction Mike Hart, builds an objective scoring structure and reports based on the Professional Skills Root of the Career Tree. This creates value… Read more »

Marketing’s Not My Job — Or Is It?

Have you ever debated, argued, or persuaded? Have you ever tried to convince someone of the value of your viewpoint? Then you’re a marketer. We all market and sell our thoughts and idea on a daily basis, seeking to convince others of why they will benefit from our perspective. As I work with schools and… Read more »

What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Does your organization really need a robust social media strategy? Notice that I’m not asking, “do you need social media?” As I shared in my previous blog, I think it’s pretty firmly established that social media is here to stay and we need to adapt our branding and marketing efforts around this new reality. No,… Read more »

Social Media: Why It Matters for YOU

Social media is here to stay, and it’s not hard to see why. Our desire to connect with others is as old as the human race and, thanks to the incredible technological advances of our time, we can now do that in unprecedented ways. This presents us with both a challenge and an amazing opportunity… Read more »

Raise Your Expectations for the Younger Generations

Have you ever noticed how much of the buzz out there about the younger generations is negative? Young people don’t understand respect, they don’t have a good work ethic, they don’t care about their futures, they’re entitled, they’re lazy, they’re unengaged — I could go on and on. While there are certainly individuals within the… Read more »