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The Impact of Strategic Communication to Reach Your Audience

I’ve written before about what I call “the Rain Effect,” where you drip value messages onto your target audiences until they become saturated with the story and then act on that knowledge. These “drips” can be anything: postcards, billboards, brochures, letters, visits, career nights, showcases, community involvement events, radio spots, and any other way to… Read more »

Career Education Reality #3: It’s for Everyone

In this series, we will be looking at several foundational realities of career-focused education in today’s rapidly changing economy. Today’s blog is about the third reality: why career education is for everyone. Let’s say you are a pretty good student just starting high school. None of the career-focused programs offered at your high school or… Read more »

Recruiting More Right Students with the Career Tree

The Career Tree ignites the motivation of your current students, but it’s also an amazing recruitment tool. Yes, it’s the students already in your classroom who are interacting with the Tree daily and envisioning their future careers and lifestyles, but when they do this, it attracts more of the right students to your program. This… Read more »

Opening the Eyes of Parents

Before you can reach students, you have to reach their parents. If you’re trying to connect with young people on any level in the education and workforce development sectors, you may have experienced the challenge of gaining parental buy-in. Maybe it’s the value of career-focused education that they just don’t realize. Maybe you represent an… Read more »

The Entrepreneurs: Generation Z and CTE

Generation Z, also called the Internet Generation, is growing up fast. Born roughly starting in 1996, America’s youngest generation is a fascinating mix of new and traditional attitudes about work, innovation, responsibility, and loyalty. And one of the more interesting developments we’re seeing is their strong bent toward entrepreneurship. The Millennials are known for their… Read more »

Millennials & Respect: Why It Matters So Much

Educators, employers, and parents often struggle to understand why the younger generations do not show them respect in the classroom, workplace, and home. What they haven’t realized is that respect works very differently today than when we were young. When I was growing up, I respected my elders, teachers, and employers first and worked tirelessly… Read more »

Best Practice: The Online Student Portfolio

Often we associate strategic planning with long meetings that generate paperwork no one reads — but that is most definitely not the case with the TFS strategic planning process at Moore Norman Technology Center! In my previous blog Susan Gladhill, Director of Educational Services, shared details about how the TFS strategic planning process led to… Read more »

Best Practice: The Career & College Prep Handbook

In my previous blog we talked about strategic planning, why it matters, and how one organization used our intensive process to vault from good to great. Now I want to take a closer look at a key best practice that emerged from the TFS strategic planning process at Moore Norman Technology Center: the Career & College Prep… Read more »

Coaching Students to Become Dynamic Program Ambassadors

A student who is passionate about their education will light up other students with that same enthusiasm like nothing else can — but how do we coach our students to be the kind of program ambassadors that make a real difference? It all starts with the thread that runs through everything I do at TFS:… Read more »