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Planning an Effective Career Night

Imagine an evening where prospective students and their parents could experience your programs hands-on, engage with current students who are excited about their program, and come away with a sense of enthusiasm about the truly amazing opportunities that you offer. It’s quite a different picture from the traditional open house, isn’t it? Traditional open houses… Read more »

Online Enrollment: A Key Decision-Making Tool

In my previous blog about online enrollment, I talked about the necessity for a competitive home field advantage in the application process. Today, I want to talk about another valuable reason for using an online enrollment system, and that is the decision-making aspect. It’s application season and your people are swamped. Applications float around the… Read more »

NEWTECH & TFS: Making a Bigger Difference Together

Congratulations to NEWTECH Skill Center of Spokane, WA for increasing their enrollment 26.7% after just one year of implementing TFS’s strategic enrollment and retention process! With this increase, NEWTECH has jumped from 688 to 872 students. The NEWTECH team has joined the ranks of our passionate and dedicated clients who are making a positive difference,… Read more »

The Enrollment Funnel: Developing Strong Alumni Relationships

While it’s absolutely critical to attract more of the right students and keep them engaged through program completion, the Enrollment Funnel doesn’t end there. For your organization to enjoy long-term success, you need to have a value message and ongoing relationship with your alumni as well. The benefits of staying in touch with your alumni… Read more »

The Enrollment Funnel: Overcoming CTE Stigmas

In “Creating Students for Life,” we talked about the enrollment funnel, why it works, and how you can use it to keep your prospects, current students, and alumni engaged with your organization. This week, I want to talk about one of the biggest things that keeps students out of your enrollment funnel: CTE stigmas. We’ve… Read more »

The Enrollment Funnel: Creating Positive Emotions

In “Creating Students for Life,” we talked about the enrollment funnel, why it works, and how you can use it to keep your prospects, current students, and alumni engaged with your organization. In this upcoming series, I want to dive a bit deeper into some of the concepts we touched on in that article. This… Read more »

Ten Days, One Chance

The first ten days of school… what comes to mind? For many of us, it’s schedules, syllabi, rules, and regulations as we acclimate ourselves and our students to the new school year. But from my years of research on increasing enrollment and retention with the Millennial Generation, I am convinced that we need to take… Read more »

Crafting Compelling Program Copy Points

Writing program copy points… it sounds easy, right? Just dash off three or four quick bullets that describe what students can expect to learn in your program, and voila! They’ll be lining up on your doorstep. Well, not exactly. Though it seems counterintuitive, today’s education marketing should be less about the education and more about… Read more »

Dripping Your Message with the Rain Effect

What’s the Rain Effect? No, it’s not a water-filled activity where students get doused (fun as that might be!). The Rain Effect we’re talking about is a marketing strategy that “drips” your organization’s value messaging onto your prospects. The goal is to saturate them with your value proposition to the point where they apply for… Read more »

Creating Students for Life!

Using The Funnel To Be Enrollment Rich. Enrollment marketing is not just about enrollment; it is about creating relationships and serving your community or target audience for many years. I call this “Creating Students for Life!” It is a principle that applies to administrators, teachers, and critical support team members, all of whom have the… Read more »