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Founder’s Perspective: Where We Want CTE to Be in 5 Years

As a field, where does career and technical education need to be in five years? In five years’ time we want to see CTE become an even more respected educational pathway, as the current stigmas continue to break down. You know the ones: The myth that CTE limits students’ options and opportunities, when it actually… Read more »

TFS Founder’s Perspective: How CTE Contextualizes Learning

“When am I EVER going to use this?” Have you ever heard this question from an unengaged student? What they’re really asking is, “What is the value and relevance of this particular subject to my real life? How will I benefit from learning this?” When we answer these questions, we are attempting to contextualize the… Read more »

TFS Founder’s Perspective: Who Is Gen Z?

For so long it’s been all about the Millennials — but their younger siblings, born roughly starting in 1996, are the next generational cohort coming up the pike. Generation Z (also known as the Homeland Generation, iGeneration, Post-Millennial Generation, and more) shares many characteristics with Generation Y, but they’re also distinct. This is an exciting… Read more »

The Power of Purposeful Career Advisement

Last year, Ohio adopted a new Policy on Career Advising (3313.6020) that underscores the national shift we are seeing toward career-focused education. This detailed policy is very deliberate in its emphasis on providing young people with both the education and tools to make informed career choices sooner. It’s Education with Purpose® in action, and it’s… Read more »

ESSA & CTE: TFS Founder’s Perspective

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is now the law of the land, and educators across the country are divided on how it will impact their schools and students. One thing is clear, however, and that is that lawmakers are beginning to appreciate the value of career and technical education (CTE) as an integral part… Read more »

Education in 2016: TFS Founder’s Perspective

As we look ahead to what 2016 will bring, I am convinced that this year will be a remarkable one in the world of education and particularly in career and technical education (CTE). As a country, we can no longer deny our universal need to shrink the expanding skills gap and develop truly self-reliant, empowered… Read more »