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Graduates, Build Your Dream — Not Someone Else’s

Hello graduates—or soon-to-be graduates! You’ve accomplished so much and you should be proud. There are so many great things waiting for you. So are you ready to live the dream? Living the dream—it sounds great. But what dream am I talking about? It’s whatever your dream happens to be. It can mean whatever you want… Read more »

When the Branch Creaks: How Crisis Moments Create Positive Change

If you’ve ever heard me speak or read my book, you’re probably familiar with my branch-creak story and the metaphor it created. Long story short: I loved climbing trees as a child, but there was one day this fun hobby almost didn’t love me back. I was high up in an old oak, enjoying the… Read more »

How to Fail Miserably and Wind Up on Top

Have you ever hit rock bottom? You know what they say about rock bottom—there’s no way to go but up. That’s a nice thought, but when you’re actually there, actually facing obstacles that seem insurmountable, it’s hard to take that abstract idea and turn it into practical action. But it can be done. I’ve proved… Read more »

TFS Founder’s Perspective: From Passive to Proactive in 2019

It’s January, and we’ve all made (or at least thought about making) New Year’s resolutions. There are always things we want to change, things that we could do better—whether they be in our personal or professional lives. I don’t want to give you another New Year’s resolution to take on, but rather a way to… Read more »

Why Sir Ken Robinson is Right

I have long admired Sir Ken Robinson and his innovative take on our educational systems. I especially enjoy the RSA Animate illustration from his TED Talk “Changing Education Paradigms.” This speech was given in 2009, but we can still learn from the insights he shares. This is a quick 11-minute watch and it’s well worth… Read more »

Young People, You Can Make a Difference

Hey, Generations Y and Z. If you’re 38 or under, I know you’re battling some tough labels—like lazy, entitled, and selfish. I interact with your generations every day and I’m here to tell you, those labels aren’t true. Some people call you high maintenance because of your constant need for reasons; I call you the… Read more »

My Answer Why

Today, my first book, Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations, officially releases nationwide. It’s been an extraordinary journey to reach this point! Answering Why was born of my desire to truly make a bigger difference in the lives of the younger generations. They need a competitive advantage in today’s shifting education… Read more »

Motivation from Apollo 13

“From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. And it’s not a miracle — we just decided to go.” — Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 In 1995, during one of the lowest points in my life, I found life-changing inspiration in an unlikely place. I went to see the… Read more »