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Opening the Eyes of Parents

Before you can reach students, you have to reach their parents. If you’re trying to connect with young people on any level in the education and workforce development sectors, you may have experienced the challenge of gaining parental buy-in. Maybe it’s the value of career-focused education that they just don’t realize. Maybe you represent an… Read more »

Marketing’s Not My Job — Or Is It?

Have you ever debated, argued, or persuaded? Have you ever tried to convince someone of the value of your viewpoint? Then you’re a marketer. We all market and sell our thoughts and idea on a daily basis, seeking to convince others of why they will benefit from our perspective. As I work with schools and… Read more »

What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Does your organization really need a robust social media strategy? Notice that I’m not asking, “do you need social media?” As I shared in my previous blog, I think it’s pretty firmly established that social media is here to stay and we need to adapt our branding and marketing efforts around this new reality. No,… Read more »

Social Media: Why It Matters for YOU

Social media is here to stay, and it’s not hard to see why. Our desire to connect with others is as old as the human race and, thanks to the incredible technological advances of our time, we can now do that in unprecedented ways. This presents us with both a challenge and an amazing opportunity… Read more »

Reaching the Adult Learner

As community colleges, technical colleges, and career and technical centers know, gaining a competitive edge in the workplace doesn’t just come with high school or even college graduation. The adult learner market is large and has great potential to grow, as a 2007 study demonstrated. The intervening years have only proven that fact as more… Read more »

What’s a Boilerplate and Why Use It?

One of the simplest and yet most-neglected marketing tools I know of is the humble boilerplate. A boilerplate is a bite-sized blurb that can cost nothing to create — but can go a long way toward building positive public awareness. Your boilerplate can reach every audience you have, from potential students and employees seeking information… Read more »

Ask TFS: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

At TFS, we often hear similar questions about our products and services. Here’s a quick list of some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers! Q: How can I book Mark Perna to come speak at my event? A: Mark would be thrilled to bring a powerful message that will deliver true value… Read more »

Best Practice: The Career & College Prep Handbook

In my previous blog we talked about strategic planning, why it matters, and how one organization used our intensive process to vault from good to great. Now I want to take a closer look at a key best practice that emerged from the TFS strategic planning process at Moore Norman Technology Center: the Career & College Prep… Read more »

What Can Deliverables Do For You?

Powerful enrollment and recruitment results may start with a great idea and a strategic plan… but they don’t end there. To reach your prospective students and position your organization as a serious first choice for their education and training needs, a strategic plan by itself is not enough. The plan has to be fleshed out…. Read more »

NEWTECH & TFS: Making a Bigger Difference Together

Congratulations to NEWTECH Skill Center of Spokane, WA for increasing their enrollment 26.7% after just one year of implementing TFS’s strategic enrollment and retention process! With this increase, NEWTECH has jumped from 688 to 872 students. The NEWTECH team has joined the ranks of our passionate and dedicated clients who are making a positive difference,… Read more »