Why Employers Need To Look Beyond Skills To Land The Perfect Employee

Posted June 20, 2022 by Mark Perna

The best hires are people who also exhibit the right behaviors that fit your culture.

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You Need More Than Just Pay Raises To Win The War For Talent

Posted June 13, 2022 by Mark Perna 79% of currently employed workers believe they can make better money elsewhere. Can they? Mark’s article, “You Need More Than...

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After High School, Then What? New Grants Are Making The 13th Year Possible

Posted June 11, 2022 by Mark Perna

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just awarded twelve $175,000 grants. The goal? To create more dual enrollment opportunities for students who may never otherwise consider college.

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Toxic Work Culture Is The #1 Factor Driving People To Resign

Posted June 6, 2022 by Mark Perna

A risk management expert explains what a toxic work culture looks like—and how leaders can respond with a plan for change.

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Deloitte: Almost Half Of Gen Z Workers Live With Financial Anxiety Every Day

Posted May 28, 2022 by Mark Perna

Deloitte’s 2022 report reveals the biggest worries of Gen Z—and they’re not that different from the rest of the workforce.

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Does College Make Sense For Your Career? The Answer Is A Big Maybe

Posted May 22, 2022 by Mark Perna

College is no longer the only way to level up your skills. Alternatives are emerging—so which one is right for you?

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5 Ways That Satisfying The Gen Z Workforce Can Help Every Other Working Generation

Posted May 17, 2022 by Mark Perna

If we meet the needs of the youngest working generation, we’ll most likely satisfy the rest of the workforce, too.

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How Skills-First Hiring Will Win Out Over More Traditional Hiring Models

Posted May 17, 2022 by Mark Perna

Skills are skills, no matter how or where they are acquired.

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5 Keys For Everyone To Unlock A Positive Onboarding Experience

Posted May 7, 2022 by Mark Perna

Only 12% of employees say their employer does a good job of onboarding. Here are five ways to do better—plus, some advice if you’re a new hire.

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7 Onboarding Pitfalls That Are All Too Easy To Fall Into

Posted May 1, 2022 by Mark Perna

88% of employees weren’t thrilled with their onboarding experience. Are one of these common onboarding mistakes hurting your team retention and performance?

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