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What Business Are You In?

“What business are you in?” When I ask my clients this question, they usually respond with “education” or “workforce development.” But is that really correct? I would argue that education or workforce development is not their business but rather the service they offer. The true business they’re in is much bigger than that. In reality,… Read more »

Marketing’s Not My Job — Or Is It?

Have you ever debated, argued, or persuaded? Have you ever tried to convince someone of the value of your viewpoint? Then you’re a marketer. We all market and sell our thoughts and idea on a daily basis, seeking to convince others of why they will benefit from our perspective. As I work with schools and… Read more »

Ask TFS: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

At TFS, we often hear similar questions about our products and services. Here’s a quick list of some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers! Q: How can I book Mark Perna to come speak at my event? A: Mark would be thrilled to bring a powerful message that will deliver true value… Read more »

Best Practice: The Online Student Portfolio

Often we associate strategic planning with long meetings that generate paperwork no one reads — but that is most definitely not the case with the TFS strategic planning process at Moore Norman Technology Center! In my previous blog Susan Gladhill, Director of Educational Services, shared details about how the TFS strategic planning process led to… Read more »

What is Strategic Planning for the Preferred Future?

In my work with educators and administrators across the country, I often find that the busyness of day-to-day operations can crowd out the intensive strategic planning that can propel an organization from good to great. Today I want to share a case study of how one organization took the initiative to define its preferred future… Read more »

Our Look at Insanely Simple: A Book Review

Why is Apple one of the most valuable companies on earth… and what can the education world learn from its unique culture? Insanely Simple is an insider’s look at Steve Jobs’ legendary business and marketing philosophy, summarized in one quote: “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to… Read more »