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The Impact of Strategic Communication to Reach Your Audience

Posted October 9, 2018 by Mark Perna I’ve written before about what I call “the Rain Effect,” where you drip value messages onto your target audiences until...

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Why Organizations Need a Rally Point

Posted May 21, 2018 by Mark Perna What’s a rally point? It’s the common ground an organization stands on, the one destination that everyone in the organization...

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Founder’s Perspective: Investing in an Enrollment and Retention Driven Culture

Posted September 25, 2017 by Mark Perna Getting more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons: this has been my mantra for...

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Strategic Planning: Launching Lifelong Learning at FLC

Posted February 8, 2016 by Tom Schultz In previous blogs I’ve discussed how the TFS strategic planning process can operate within an established organization. Today, I want...

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