We’re passionate about making a difference in education and workforce development. — Mark C. Perna

Mark launched TFS Results nearly 25 years ago in response to the need he saw for strategic consulting and communications in the field of education. Since then, the company has grown to national prominence as Mark travels North America speaking, consulting, and inspiring individuals and organizations to make a bigger difference in their sphere of influence. At TFS Results, Mark’s team of passionate professionals share his vision of helping organizations experience significant gains in enrollment, retention, engagement, and performance rates.

Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning

Powerful enrollment and retention results don’t happen on their own. For the visionary organizations that want to take their results to the next level, TFS Results CEO Mark C. Perna delivers highly sought-after, in-person coaching and consulting services.

In today’s competitive, performance-driven educational marketplace, Mark’s nationally acclaimed best practices help organizations lead the way, destroy the stigmas, and make a bigger difference for every student and trainee. From high-level narrative to practical action steps and communication strategies, Mark empowers his clients to shift the paradigm.

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The Career Tree®

The TFS Results Career Tree® is a game-changing product, developed by Mark and his team to give students and organizations a dynamic competitive advantage. The Career Tree sparks the dialogue, passion, and motivation for students to discover what’s possible in their careers and how to get there.

The Career Tree was designed to empower students in many different learning and training environments, including high schools, middle schools, K–12 districts, special needs classrooms, technical and community colleges, universities, workforce development settings, adult education centers, and more. By driving ongoing conversation, research, career exploration, goal-setting, and in-class collaboration, the Career Tree is helping students and educators shift the educational paradigm across North America.

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The EnrollTrack®
Online Enrollment System

The TFS Results EnrollTrack® Online Enrollment System can transform not just your process, but your entire approach to student enrollment. This sophisticated, cloud-based solution was specifically designed to tackle the enrollment and retention challenges of career and technical schools, career compacts, charter and private schools, and others.

Enrolling students is just the beginning. With EnrollTrack, you can build an effective enrollment funnel, run your game plan, track prospects, manage the entire enrollment process, evaluate outcomes, and maximize your enrollment and retention results. It’s a dynamic decision-making tool, helping organizations enroll and retain more of the right students, in the right programs and pathways, for all the right reasons.

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TFS Results’ other products and services include:

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