A Day in the Life at TFS

What’s it like to partner with some of the most talented and visionary educators in America today? For us at TFS, it’s just a day in the life! We wanted to share what our day looks like as we empower you to serve your students and community. Whether behind the scenes or in the limelight, each role is critical to delivering the absolute best service and product every time. Here’s a snippet of what we do!

It’s 8:00am and Mark Perna (Founder, Author, and CEO) has been working for over an hour, preparing for a strategic planning team meeting. He flew in late last night and woke up bright-eyed and eager to help this organization take its enrollment and retention game to the next level. As he puts together a drip timeline and hones the discovery questions for the organization’s new branding construct, he thinks of the significant progress this team has made already by implementing the best practices he’s been coaching them on. By 8:30am, he’s in a room with ten great team members and the meeting begins. By 4:00pm, they’ve wrapped it up and Mark hurries off to catch his plane. He’s headed three states away to give another organization’s keynote address first thing the next morning.

It’s 9am and back at the Twinsburg office, Kristy Warrell (Senior Account Manager) responds to the daily influx of emails, billing, print requests, and creative designs. Today she’s working with an organization that is customizing its Career Tree Interactive Program Wall Graphics for twelve classrooms. As a key liaison between our clients and TFS staff members, Kristy has to stay organized, detail oriented, and connected through her trusty laptop. Today she’s in the office, but several days a week she works from home to keep everything running smoothly. She picks up the phone to chat with Greg about the Career Tree customizations and to make sure he has all the info he needs.

By 10:30am, Greg Scheetz (Art Director) has finished the Career Tree customizations and is now working on a comprehensive campaign for a new client. He started with a blank slate, which is his favorite way to work. He will be designing a catalog cover, postcard, career night invite, brochure, and several other designs in this unique look once it’s created. After placing a few photos and putting some final touches on the catalog design, he shoots it over to Mark and Kristy to get their feedback. While he’s waiting to hear their thoughts, he pulls up the animations for TFS’s new Career Tree teacher and student launch videos. He’s been working closely with the video editor and the videos are almost ready to be unveiled. Exciting stuff!

It’s now 11:30am and Christine Feigl (Senior Account Coordinator) is answering the phone at the Twinsburg office. She’s the first point of contact for TFS clients and they always appreciate her cheery attitude. After helping the caller with what he needs, Christine turns her attention back to the adult education catalog she was working on. A big part of her job is to take large Word documents full of course descriptions and organizational info and massage them into shape for Greg, who then lays them into a professional design. She just sent a finished catalog to one of our clients a couple days ago and got an email this morning that they absolutely love it. When she finishes the catalog, she starts on the postcard and beach ball mailings for our busy summer mailing season. There’s the phone ringing again… “Thanks for calling TFS! This is Christine, how can I help you?”

12:30pm rolls around and Matt Perna (Account Executive) jumps on a call to demo the EnrollTrack Online Enrollment System with a potential client. Using an online meeting interface, he talks the team through each page and fields their excited questions. “It’s like this was designed for us!” they say, and Matt smiles. “It was.” He loves seeing how the new enhancements meet clients’ needs, often before they even know what those needs are. After walking through the final screen, Matt and the client schedule another demo so more decision-makers can see the system. Matt then switches over to test the customized EnrollTrack that was just built for a new client. They’ll be ready to roll very soon and will be using EnrollTrack this fall. Later this afternoon he will be driving to a local school to do a demo in person.

It’s 2:00pm and Tom Schultz (Educational Consultant) has been busy all day. Though he travels to client meetings several weeks of each month, today he’s working from his home office and has finished a conference call with one of his instructional technology planning clients. Lately he’s also been working with a team on the design of a community learning center. The phone rings; it’s the CEO of a major corporation who wants to talk more about building educational partnerships with schools, career centers, technical colleges and universities in the communities his company serves. Later, Tom will email several contacts at the local Economic Development Center and catch up on the latest news from state and national career and technical associations.

By 3:00pm, Amy Timco (Marketing Coordinator) is deep in the creation of a branding construct for a new client. This particular branding solution has been a challenging but rewarding project and she’s almost done with the content strategy and messaging hierarchy components. In the next couple weeks, she will coordinate the graphic elements with Greg and present the full construct to the client. When she reaches a stopping point, she sends the document to Mark and Kristy for their thoughts and begins working on the next TFS newsletter. When that’s ready to go, she switches over to the company Facebook to share an article and catch up on our clients’ posts. Later, she will call one of our recent Wade Award nominees to let him know he’s won and will be featured on the TFS blog at BeaWade.com. There’s always something fun to work on!

Though we all touch different areas of the client experience, we all share the same goal of supporting your desire to make a difference. Together, we’re making it happen — one day at a time!

About The Author
Amy Timco
Amy Timco is a Marketing Coordinator at TFS, serving as the team’s messaging strategist and wordsmith. She relishes crafting the creative branding and copy solutions that reflect the unique voice of each client.