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Posted January 2, 2020 by Mark Perna

The Golden Question…How to Motivate the Younger Generations?

They are always asking Why?

Their social lives are more important than…anything.

They are not motived by money!

How the heck are we going to get these kids to hold their own “out there”?!?

Before you think all is lost listen to what Mark C. Perna has to say about all of this!

Not only has he written a best selling book Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations but he has made it his lives work to help parents like you and me, schools and employers.

Showing us how to not only inspire but to also truly appreciate how incredible the younger generations they are.

Thank you for tuning in and if you want to find out more about Mark be sure to check out his website  where you will find great, free resources that will absolutely change the way interact with your kids and adult children.

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