"In Crisis, Do You Panic — Or Reinvent?"

Posted May 7, 2020 by Mark Perna

In our current health crisis, we’re all feeling a certain lack of control. Through no fault of our own, all our plans for 2020 are put on hold, if not halted forever. But the one thing we can control—right here and now—is our perspective.

Everyone is experiencing the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat. Where we live, what we do, and our own individual circumstances create a completely different experience for each individual. It’s a full spectrum of issues, needs, and challenges. But wherever you find yourself in this storm, your perspective shapes your experience and what you can accomplish.

We’re finding this to be true at TFS Results. Practically overnight, our company went from a robust and successful business model to zero business, canceled speaking engagements, canceled consulting meetings, clients all shut down, and most challenging of all—no revenue. We were now fighting for our livelihoods, like so many around the country. In a world filled with drowning businesses, how do you find a lifeline to stay afloat?

But instead of panicking, we’ve chosen to reinvent. Our team has worked remotely for many years, but the pandemic has pushed us to take that model even further. I’m converting to a fully virtual environment for consulting with organizations, delivering dynamic professional development and speeches from a distance, and inspiring my team to look beyond what we have always done to the ways we can better impact our clients, partners, and others within our sphere of influence.

At the beginning, I thought I would be bored at home looking for things to do. Instead, I’ve found my days and evenings filled with exciting opportunities to grow our relationships, impact, and business model. It’s working, as my team is also excited about where we are going and the impact we will continue to make.

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Mining the gold

Focus, plan, and take action—these three steps have always been my path to growth in the midst of tremendous life challenges. When things seem most chaotic, these are the moments that must be embraced and exploited for the tremendous opportunities they are. Crisis moments push us to adapt, change course if needed, and take the massive action necessary to find the gold in the crisis.

Every crisis has gold, the value that is unseen by everyone else and must be mined out. It comes in the form of opportunities that others miss, ideas rarely thought, and ways to better connect and inspire those who are seeing only the crisis and not the opportunity.

Focusing, planning, and taking action are the hallmarks of great leadership and personal triumph. We must recognize that each crisis, large or small, can deliver golden opportunities based on each person’s ability to look with the right perspective. Without downplaying the horrific nature of everything happening around us, we can choose to grow, reinvent, and keep using our abilities and resources to serve others.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives, and will continue to do long after the immediate danger is past. None of us have control over all these changes, but we do have control of how we view them. Let’s reject panic, and instead reinvent—and keep making a bigger difference in our world today.

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