It’s Black Friday. But This Year, Less Is More

Posted November 27, 2020 by Mark Perna

Like everything else in 2020, the holidays are going to be different this year. But is that really such a bad thing?

Today is Black Friday, a day known for sales, markdowns, and frenzied shopping at retailers nationwide. In a way, the rush of Black Friday shopping can be seen as a metaphor for the hustle and bustle of the entire holiday season. We’re all in a hurry, on the go, finishing one event to dash off to the next, and all while trying to keep up with our normal obligations and get some work done.

But this year, what if it all slowed down?

A good different

The coronavirus pandemic has shaped 2020 in profound ways—and most of them are negative. But some positive things are emerging, too.

The pandemic is keeping us all home more. We’re trying to stay connected to those we care about while still keeping them at arms’ length. This may initially seem like a negative, but what if it’s actually an unexpected gift? We can’t take personal connection for granted anymore; it’s something we have to actively maintain. Whatever else it is, our holiday season will not be on autopilot this year.

This year, it’s a safe bet that we’ll find ourselves doing a lot less. Less preparing, less hosting, less hurrying—and we might just find that doing less leaves us free to be more.

Be more present. Be more connected with those we care about. Be more, rather than do or say or host more. Just be. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good different to me.

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Less is more

As I reflect on all the ways that life has changed in 2020, I’m realizing that my quiet holiday season is actually an enormous blessing. Many of the usual activities just aren’t happening this year, and that extra time is a gift in itself. I’m going to use it to refocus on what matters most, and that’s people. We may not be able to connect in person in all the ways we’re used to, but we can still connect. And that’s what matters.

Black Friday is fun and there’s nothing like the exhilaration of scoring that killer deal, but don’t take that adrenaline rush throughout the final month of the year. Slow down. Take nothing for granted. Rediscover the beauty of the season and the people who make life rich.

I wish you a blessed less this holiday season. Because less really is more.

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