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You’ve heard Mark speak…and your personal paradigm was shifted. Take that growth even deeper with his gift to you: 10 Strategies to Shift Your Paradigm Further! Click to download the PDF—and get the tools to interact more productively with today’s younger generations.

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Challenge yourself to look for the incredible untapped potential of today’s young people.

Expect more from young people—and be ready to offer the coaching and resources to help them achieve it.

Don’t be defensive when a young person asks why. Give a full answer—and be open to their contribution.

Respect and affirm young people by showing genuine interest in what’s important to them.

Take the pressure off career exploration by emphasizing that young people can change their mind at any time.

Help young people see how all three skill areas—academic, technical, and professional—are essential to their success.

Embrace a growth mindset for both yourself and the young people you influence.

Recognize young people’s valuable contributions to the task at hand—and let them know you see it.

Remind young people they will never regret spending their time on building their own dream.

Allow young people to experience consequences—this shows respect and pushes them to grow.

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