"This Is How To Really Crush Your Paid Internship"


Posted January 17, 2020 by Mark Perna

Practice these top tips and your career will profit big time. Mark’s article, “This Is How To Really Crush Your Paid Internship,” published at Forbes.com on January 17, 2020.

In my previous post, I covered how not to bungle your paid internship. Now I want to cover how to really crush it.

The most successful interns learn what’s expected of them and then fully commit themselves to exceeding those expectations. They ask questions, know their priorities, deliver quality work and meet their deadlines without fail. Many also apply what I call the “five-minute method”: They show up at least five minutes early, leave at least five minutes late and care while they’re there. And such passion, pride and purpose create value for everyone involved.

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So don’t let your paid internship become cheap fodder for your résumé. Instead, choose to really crush it. You will learn a lot, vastly increase your marketability, and with any luck, go on to land your dream job. Four top tips:

1. Build your competitive advantage. It used to be enough to get good grades or graduate from a prestigious college or university. But today, employers are seeking a synergistic blend of academic knowledge, technical competency and professional or “soft” skills. With such a trifecta, you’ll be virtually unstoppable on your career journey—and your internship is a hot ticket to getting there.

2. Do regular self check-ins. Throughout your internship, strategize about how you can make the most of the experience. Ask yourself how you can best hone your skills, grow your network, and maybe even get hired on permanently. Then set personal checkpoints to continually assess your progress and reevaluate how you can maximize every moment.

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3. Value your contributions. Know that, as an intern, you bring something truly valuable to the company. After all, that’s why they selected you. Don’t shy away from lowly tasks, but don’t be content with only such tasks either. Combine a teachable attitude with a strong belief in your strengths and a real conviction to do high-level work.

4. Get real. Your internship is not a springboard to your real career—it is your real career. It is a real job with real responsibilities and real worth. So take it seriously and consciously recognize it as the start of your career journey.

You are the master of your internship, so why not commit to really crushing it? It may push you out of your comfort zone, but your career will profit big time.

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