"Three Powerful Strategies To Ace Your Virtual Interview"


Posted May 19, 2020 by Mark Perna

Get the edge in the new world of digital hiring. Mark’s article, “Three Powerful Strategies To Ace Your Virtual Interview,” published at Forbes.com on May 19, 2020.

Hiring, like everything else in our pandemified world, is going virtual. And this isn’t just a stopgap measure that will fade away once the public health threat is over. Digital hiring will become an integral part of future human capital strategy—and job seekers should take note.

With unemployment hitting over 33 million, job-hunting is a hot topic. And just when everyone’s joining the game, the new trend toward virtual hiring is tweaking the rules.

“The traditional interview won’t go away altogether, but digital hiring is poised to completely revolutionize the process as we know it,” says OutMatch CEO Greg Moran. “We will see a fundamental shift towards digital, remote-ready, AI recruitment and candidate screening tools, which will drive enhanced efficiency, effectiveness and long-term employee happiness.”

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So how can you set yourself apart in the interview—through a screen? Self-awareness and preparation are your best allies in the virtual interview, Moran says. To stay relevant and competitive in your virtual interview, check the boxes on these three key strategies:

Show up like you’re there in person.

When you treat your digital interview like an in-person meeting, you set the stage for success. Dress the part and start the conversation with personable small talk. Be vigilant about making eye contact (yes, this means looking directly into the webcam). “Nodding, smiling and using other appropriate body language and gestures can show a recruiter that you are engaged and enjoying the conversation,” says Moran.

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Ask good questions—and take notes on the answers.

Prepare your questions ahead of time, and be sure not to ask for information that can be found online. And take notes as you go. “It’s easy to forget the benefits that a basic pen and notebook can bring,” Moran observes. “Not only will taking notes show you are paying attention, but it’s also a great way to jot down questions to ask at the end of the conversation—or use in a follow-up thank you note.” You’ll impress the recruiter by demonstrating attention to detail and passion for the role.

Prep your technology and space.

“Test the virtual technology beforehand to ensure your audio is working and that your lighting is optimal,” says Moran. Positioning yourself in front of a blank wall can minimize distractions for the interviewer. And of course, prepare ahead of time to minimize noise and other interruptions.

Above all, never forget that virtual interviews are still interactive opportunities to build a connection with hiring managers. Approach your virtual interview the same way you would show up for an in-person meeting. Your ease with the virtual interview is a metric on your probable success in a remote-work role—so prepare now to put your best face forward.

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