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Journey into the mind of the younger generations with bestselling author and speaker Mark C. Perna.

What's a Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm shift is a sea change, a new way of thinking—and something we must achieve if we are to unleash the true potential of the younger generations. Join generational and performance expert Mark C. Perna for a video journey into what makes Generation Z unique, why they can be our next Greatest Generation, and how to motivate their greatest performance at home, in the classroom, and in their careers.

Thousands of educators, employers, and parents have benefited from Mark’s insights, delivered in his dynamic keynotes across North America. Now, Mark is sharing the best of that content in his Paradigm Shift video series, where he distills the actionable strategies you need to make a positive difference with the younger generations. You’ll walk away challenged, inspired, and ready to use what you learned to forge a better human connection with these talented young people.

Latest Episode

Ep 4: 3 Ways to Inspire Gen Z at Work & School

What really inspires young people to move forward in their education and career? Generational expert Mark Perna delivers game-changing insights on 1.) active and static purpose, 2.) why we need to kindle the flame before we can fill the vessel, and 3.) how to align our goals with the goals of our students and coworkers. These strategies are making a powerful impact for educators and employers everywhere. Don’t miss this value-packed episode in the Paradigm Shift series!

Ep 3: Leveraging Lifestyle to Motivate Gen Z

Today’s young people need a light at the end of their education tunnel, something that motivates their highest performance as they move toward their goals. On Episode 3 of The Paradigm Shift, acclaimed speaker and generational expert Mark C. Perna explains that for this generation, it’s not the career goal that excites them—it’s the lifestyle that the career makes possible. When parents, educators, and employers understand the power of lifestyle, we can bring relevance and motivation to the career conversation.

Ep 2: 3 Things Young People Need in a Changing World

How has the world changed—and how can young people get ready for it? On episode 2 of The Paradigm Shift, generational expert and award-winning author Mark C. Perna shares the three things every young person must have today to succeed at school, work, and life. Parents, educators, and employers all have a role in helping young people develop a dynamic competitive advantage to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Ep 1: How to Unleash Young People's True Potential

Why are today’s young people the “WHY” Generation? On episode 1 of The Paradigm Shift, generational expert and bestselling author Mark C. Perna breaks it down and offers a few simple strategies to bring out the best in this talented generation. To reach their full potential, they need to feel the power of a “branch-creak” crisis moment to focus, plan, and take action. Shift your paradigm and start empowering the young people you influence at home, at school, and at work with these actionable insights.

More Videos by Mark

Answering Students, Ep 2: Preparing for the Real World

“What is the best advice you could give for preparing to enter the real world?”

That’s the question one high school student recently posed to generational expert Mark C. Perna in a live Zoom session. In his response, Mark cuts to the chase with one word: purpose. Finding and pursuing your purpose is the best preparation for real life. It’s all here in episode 2 of Mark’s ‘Answering Students’ series.

Answering Students, Ep 1: How to Get Your Motivation Back

“What did you do to get the motivation back when everything bad is going on in your life?”

That’s the question one high school student recently posed to generational expert Mark C. Perna in a live Zoom session. In his response, Mark opens up about the tremendous challenges he experienced. Mark was able to use this tough times to build, rather than break, his motivation. Find out how in episode 1 of Mark’s ‘Answering Students’ series.

Motivating Gen Z to Move Forward in Their Education & Career

Every educator wants more of the “right” students—defined simply as those students who see a light at the end of their educational tunnel and actually want to get there. So how do we help ALL students gain this kind of motivation? It’s called Education with Purpose—and it leads to Employment with Passion.

At the EWP Call to Action livestream experience, bestselling author and speaker Mark C. Perna shared the vision of what purpose-driven education can do for young people and our communities.

How to Motivate Gen Z in the Workplace

In our fast-changing workplace, what’s the number-one thing employers are looking for? Workers who possess professional skills like work ethic, punctuality, leadership, communication, work-life balance, and more. With the right motivation and support, younger workers can achieve all of these skills so critical in our pandemified world.

At the EWP Call to Action, bestselling author and speaker Mark C. Perna shared some quick tips for employers to connect more effectively with the younger workforce.

Connecting Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion

The founder of the Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion movement, Mark C. Perna, presented the keynote at the 2021 Call to Action livestream experience. During this two-hour event, he delivered an empowering message for educators, employers, parents, and communities to better connect young people with viable education and career opportunities.

The goal of this experience? To break down the siloes between education, employment, and economic development and build robust pipelines of young talent. Find out more about this movement at

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