Now is the time to embrace meaningful strategies to engage the young people of the Why Generation and help them fulfill their vast potential. – Mark C. Perna


Gen-Z Was Keeping Coworkers At A Distance Long Before It Was Trending

Gen-Z and the Boomers are the two generations most averse to touch—and more—at work. Mark’s article, “Gen-Z Was Keeping Coworkers... Read More »


Social Distancing and Staying Home: Perspective Is Everything

Due to the coronavirus health crisis, stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders are now in effect in many parts of the country—with... Read More »
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Mark is a monthly contributor to, exploring careers, education, Gens Y & Z, the skills gap, and workforce development. He brings a new perspective to the conversation about today’s younger generations and what they’re truly capable of in our changing economy and workforce.

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