Now is the time to embrace meaningful strategies to engage the young people of the Why Generation and help them fulfill their vast potential. – Mark C. Perna


Not Your Parents’ Career—Or Is It? Parents Exert Significant Influence On Kids’ Career Choices

Did you pick your career—or did your parents guide you to it? A new study uncovers the extent of parental influence on the career choices of Gen-X, Millennials and Gen-Z.

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The Power of Parents Playlist

Check out these parent-focused episodes on The Perna Syndicate for actionable strategies from bestselling author, speaker, and fellow dad Mark C. Perna.

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Mark is a monthly contributor to, exploring careers, education, Gens Y & Z, the skills gap, and workforce development. He brings a new perspective to the conversation about today’s younger generations and what they’re truly capable of in our changing economy and workforce.

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