Answering Why:

Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

This is an amazing book you can apply to every area of your life. Educators, trainers, and anyone working with young people today will discover the tools and strategies to build direction, motivation, and passion in these pages.

- Brian Tracy Bestselling Author of 86 Books

Perceptive…reasonable and thought-provoking.

- Publishers Weekly

Engaging. Accurate. Insightful. Mark Perna truly understands how the older and younger generations work (and sometimes don’t work) together. His insights will spark productive conversations and challenge the stigmas that have held the younger generations back in today’s workforce.

- Adam Robinson Founder and CEO of Hireology and author of The Best Team Wins

Mark is fantastic at explaining the pressures and expectations weighing on the younger generation entering the workforce. Written for those looking to hire and retain Generations Y and Z, this book outlines who they are and how we can empower them to turn the business world on its head.

- Christine Hassler Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

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Regardless of if you are preparing for college, are a parent of teenagers/young adults, are a business owner searching for new talent, are a counselor, or whatever, this book provides amazing insight into how we can help guide our avid learners toward what they’ll be passionate about! (full review)

- Kyndall Bennett

Motivating and focusing students on their future requires energy and “Answering Why” is the fuel we need.

- Cynthia A. Dunigan Amazon Reviewer

Mark Perna has written a clear and practical book on how to help Millennials and Generation Z individuals unleash their passion and discover meaningful work…This is an important book for educators, employers, parents, and students.

- Mitchell R. Alegre Amazon Reviewer/VINE VOICE

Timely book that helps us to understand the “Why” generation!

- Tina Amazon Reviewer

This book is an incredible resource for educators, parents, and employers. The Career Tree system is a game changer for all…I can’t say enough about how this book delivers on insight and solutions!

- Varsity Amazon Reviewer

Very insightful! This is an engaging book that provides insight into what makes Generations Y and Z tick!

- Melinda Barton Amazon Reviewer

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What is Answering Why about?

The Why Generation is a term Mark coined to encompass both Generations Y (the Millennials) and Z (currently the youngest generation). These generations, together more than 100 million strong, are approaching their education, careers, and everything else in their lives with a strong desire to understand the purpose behind what they do. From the urgent skills gap crisis to the proven strategies to motivate and inspire our young people, this book will address the burning questions faced by educators, employers, and parents across the country.

In Answering Why, Mark C. Perna shares his wide experience and profound success as both a single dad and performance consultant for schools and business across the country. Mark’s mission is to empower individuals, educators, employers, and parents to embrace the branch-creak crisis moments of life and make a meaningful connection with the young people they influence. This award-winning bestseller will help unlock the incredible potential of young people everywhere and spur them to increased performance on all fronts, so they can make a bigger difference — which is exactly what they want.

Who should read Answering Why?

Education Professionals

Today’s young people are capable of higher performance, and your job is to unleash their true potential. In Answering Why, discover the national best practices to empower your students and trainees to make the most of their educational and career journey.

Everyone in the world of education can benefit from these tools, including administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, and support staff in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, career and technical centers, postsecondary training facilities, technical and community colleges, and universities.


The skills gap is real, and it’s affecting almost every industry in America. Answering Why provides the proven strategies you’ve been looking for to recruit, retain, and maximize the best young talent out there today.

Filled with real-world examples and interviews, this book offers invaluable insights on how business and industry groups can make the most of their relationships with Generations Y and Z, driving recruitment and retention success stories.


With more than 100 million people in today’s younger generations, you’re not alone in your parenting struggles. It’s a universal desire to help our kids become self-reliant and independent in this ever-changing world that has become considerably more competitive.

Today more than ever, parents need fresh insights and tools. Lean in as author and single dad Mark shares the motivational strategies that made the difference for his sons.

What questions does Answering Why answer?

What questions does Answering Why answer?

Whether you’re an educator, employer, or parents, if you’ve ever asked any of the following questions, Answering Why is for you!

  • What can we do to reach today’s young people and motivate them to higher performance in all areas of life?
  • Why are the younger generations the way they are?
  • How do generational differences affect the workplace?
  • Are the younger generations really so unmotivated and entitled as they’re stereotyped to be?
  • Why is parenting today different from previous times, and how can I do it successfully?
  • Why are the crisis moments of life the catalyst for change?
  • How is the educational paradigm changing in America?
  • How can we improve employee retention and performance?
  • How can we close the skills gap?

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An extensive Q&A with the author, selected excerpts from the book, and more can all be found in the media kit for Mark C. Perna’s award-winning bestseller Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations.

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