This is an amazing book you can apply to every area of your life. Educators, trainers, and anyone working with young people today will discover the tools and strategies to build direction, motivation, and passion in these pages.

- Brian Tracy Bestselling Author of 86 Books

Perceptive…reasonable and thought-provoking.

- Publishers Weekly

Engaging. Accurate. Insightful. Mark Perna truly understands how the older and younger generations work (and sometimes don’t work) together. His insights will spark productive conversations and challenge the stigmas that have held the younger generations back in today’s workforce.

- Adam Robinson Founder and CEO of Hireology and author of The Best Team Wins

Mark is fantastic at explaining the pressures and expectations weighing on the younger generation entering the workforce. Written for those looking to hire and retain Generations Y and Z, this book outlines who they are and how we can empower them to turn the business world on its head.

- Christine Hassler Generational Expert, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author

Mark has created a comprehensive playbook full of insight while dispelling the mainstream myths concerning the younger generations. In addition, he strategically creates a compendium for greater conversations as well as a call to action among school administrators, industry leaders, policymakers and higher education providers. This is an essential read for anyone looking to influence education and the greater global economy while lessening the skills gap crisis.

- CyLynn Braswell Executive Director, College & Career Readiness at Northwest Independent School District

Youth culture today impacts everyone—Gen X and Baby Boomers along with Gen Z and Millennial stakeholders. Answering Why will help inform your thinking about how to adjust to an ever-evolving workforce, enabling the reader to create scalable solutions to employee engagement and other workforce opportunities.

- Jeff Fromm President FutureCast, Keynote Speaker & Author, Marketing to Millennials, Millennials with Kids, and Marketing to Gen Z

This book will remind educators and workforce development professionals why they care about students and careers. As a member of the Millennial generation, I found the specific examples and real-world success stories compelling. By opening the conversation with useful and practical steps to reach the Why Generation, Mark Perna is working to reframe mindsets about how we connect students to careers. Answering Why will be the catalyst to change our thinking about this critical topic.

- Jen Schottke Vice President in the Construction Industry, Elected Board of Education Trustee, Millennial, and Parent

Educators have long been searching for a cohesive set of strategies to engage today’s young people. In Answering Why, Perna delivers it—while making a powerful argument for equipping all students in the K–12 system with both the academic knowledge and technical skill to be competitive, whether college, technical school, or career is in their immediate future. I’m proud to recommend this book to all parents and educators looking to make a bigger difference for their students!

- Christy Perry Superintendent, Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Answering Why is a marvelous tool for workforce development and education organizations across the country. It’s an easy read but full of eye-opening insights and actionable steps to connect more effectively with today’s up and coming workforce. Parents will also benefit from the strategies to motivate their children to greater performance. Organizations that are looking to build a robust learning and training culture should start with this book. Bravo!

- Jimmy E. Greene President and CEO of ABC Greater Michigan and Greater Michigan Construction Academy

This is an incredibly important message that will change the face of education and workforce development in this country.

- Cathie Raymond Deputy Associate Superintendent/State Director, Career and Technical Education, Arizona Department of Education

What an eye-opening book! Answering Why reveals the vast potential of today’s young people and equips us to answer their why. Mark Perna has created the missing piece in the puzzle of the younger generations that we’ve been trying to solve blindfolded. This book is going to change the game for students and parents everywhere.

- Paul Galbenski, 2012 Michigan Teacher of the Year, Dean, Oakland Schools

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