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Regardless of if you are preparing for college, are a parent of teenagers/young adults, are a business owner searching for new talent, are a counselor, or whatever, this book provides amazing insight into how we can help guide our avid learners toward what they’ll be passionate about! (full review)

- Kyndall Bennett

Perna has an important message cutting across generational lines and conveys it with the certainty of someone who has spent time in the trenches of modern life and has witnessed his conclusions born out of experience. Answering Why is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of an issue we too often sidestep…It is a book inviting multiple readings to fully comprehend its possibilities. (full review)

- Clay Burton

Answering Why is an important study of real problems festering in our society today and deserves serious attention. (full review)

- Michael Rand

Answering Why says a lot about the overall world we live in today…It’s an important work, accessible, and focused on the issue at hand. (full review)

- Anne Hollister

If you think you know today’s generation, Answering Why will give you a positive, new perspective.

- Amazon Reviewer

Motivating and focusing students on their future requires energy and “Answering Why” is the fuel we need.

- Cynthia A. Dunigan Amazon Reviewer

Mark’s view of young people is powerful and positive. As an educator, it’s important to me to play to the strengths of my students and I love the fact that his ideas help me see MORE strengths! The information he provides in this book is useful for teachers, counselors, and parents who want to help kids find meaning and drive. And who WOULDN’T want to help kids do that? This book and Mark’s ideas have truly reinvigorated me and my work as a school counselor.

- Sarah Caitlin Morales Amazon Reviewer

As a mom of two teenagers, I wish all parents would take the time to read this book. It is eye-opening and thought-provoking.

- Melissa L. Patterson Amazon Reviewer

As a substitute teacher who ultimately desires to teach full time, I spend a great deal of time with students of this generation, too many who question why they are learning what they studying and doing things they feel have no impact or import on their lives. This book provides me with some answers and strategies as to how to make their education correlate directly with their lives and futures.

- Susan Macura, Amazon Reviewer

It offers well researched insights and strategies to bring about change.

- Rachel Goodreads Reviewer

Mark Perna has written a clear and practical book on how to help Millennials and Generation Z individuals unleash their passion and discover meaningful work…This is an important book for educators, employers, parents, and students.

- Mitchell R. Alegre Amazon Reviewer/VINE VOICE

Timely book that helps us to understand the “Why” generation!

- Tina Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why is one of those books that will make you question the status quo and encourage you to make purposeful decisions about your future…I love and respect this message so much that I have purchased copies for loved ones and purchased the audio book so I can listen to it again and again when I need a refreshing dose of sanity.

- Shakespeare Amazon Reviewer

This will [be] one of those books I ask my supervisors to read and have added to our office Learning Library. I won this book book on GoodReads and will be referring back to it from time to time.

- John R. Ricker Jr. Amazon Reviewer

This book is an incredible resource for educators, parents, and employers. The Career Tree system is a game changer for all…I can’t say enough about how this book delivers on insight and solutions!

- Varsity Amazon Reviewer

Very insightful! This is an engaging book that provides insight into what makes Generations Y and Z tick!

- Melinda Barton Amazon Reviewer

I have worked in a career tech school for 11 years and wish more people would hear the message that Mark and this book is telling. Focusing on the “light at the end of the tunnel” is a piece highlighted throughout the book that needs to be addressed with our society as a whole.

- Lindsau Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why is worth the read for the valuable insights and message.

- Thogek Amazon Reviewer

Mark C. Perna’s book, Answering Why, really helps you understand how to bridge the gap between older generations and the younger “Why Generation.” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone who is an employer, parent, educator, or anyone who finds themselves spending a lot of time around the younger generations. This book is filled with a plethora of valuable information that will help make unlocking the passion, purpose, and performance in younger generations a lot easier, and a lot more enjoyable.

- * Amazon Reviewer

As a high school teacher (and a parent of a college student) please, please read this book…It is like having a cheat sheet on how to motivate and engage young people to find their passion and pursue their potential. But more importantly, this book has taught me how to be a better advocate for my students and my own children. Thank you, Mr. Perna, for your insight!

- Mdominy Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why is an engaging read for educators, parents, students and all stakeholders in education. Mr. Perna delivers an insightful read that helps inform readers about the skills gap and identifies key areas where we can make a difference. His message is a clear call to action for both legislators and educators as we strive to help our students find “passion, purpose and performance” in their future.

- Casey Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why is a must read for educators, parents, employers as well as students. Mark Perna has nailed the missing ingredient in our educational system today. His book provides the practical “tools” needed to help reshape the landscape of career education and workforce development in America!

- Ken G Amazon Reviewer

Mark provides a timely message for educators and parents to connect with our youth…The book offers excellent tools to incorporate in the classroom.

- Kelleen McFate Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why takes all the of the questions and frustrations currently faced by education and industry and lays out a solution that is easily accessible and guaranteed to work…The book reads more like an intimate conversation, and I struggled to put it down. The branch is creaking in America, and Mark Perna has a way for us to take action!

- Jennifer Boyd Amazon Reviewer

Perna hits the nail on the head with a universal message. He takes bits and pieces from education, workforce development, and real life and provides an explanation and solution for an impending national crisis. This book is about so much more than providing insight to a generation. Really, it is a road map for everyone to follow to find their own Light at the End of the Tunnel… It is relevant to everyone, it is topical to the world in which we live, and it communicates a message that will motivate all generations to enter the workforce and strengthen our economy.

- Connie Amazon Reviewer

If you are an educator (or parent) who is trying to grasp how to best guide a young person from high school to adulthood, “Answering Why” is an important book. Mark Perna has given voice to a unique strategy for directing and motivating today’s youth in a way that challenges old paradigms while still supporting everyone’s dream of helping our youth develop a life of meaning and purpose. Think of an important adolescent in your life and then take the first step in helping them to develop a “competitive advantage”. Read this book; it will change how you think and work.

- John V. Honey Amazon Reviewer and Career Technical Education Center Principal (retired)

Younger generations are often misunderstood and we judge them as unmotivated, self indulged, entitled and much more. What if we changed the strategy and mindset while working with the youth of today? Mark Perna shares with all of us just how to do this in his book Answering Why. This book is career changing for those of us in education and a must read for all who work in public school settings. Must read for anyone who has or who works with young people or those changing careers.

- Amazon Reviewer

This book should be a must read for anyone who has or who works with young people, from middle school upward, including those already having graduated from high school or are beginning college or any form of post diploma education. It is also a great resource for anyone who has dropped out of high school or is struggling to find a reason to show up. I think anyone involved in hiring for the trades occupations would also find value in this book. Not exactly fitting any of those categories myself, I admit I found this book to be inspirational, motivational and interesting…Written in an easily followed style and format, the author’s passion for his work and purpose shines through.

- Laura S Reading Amazon Reviewer

Answering Why simply makes sense. Very few educators, businesses, and parents understand how to unleash passion, purpose, and performance in the Why Generation at a time when it is so crucial in our country—until now! Mark Perna shares how to help younger generations see the light at the end of the tunnel and ensure they are gaining and competitive advantage by pursuing Education with Purpose®…Answering Why is a game changer, it’s time to close the skills gap!

- Lauren Hargrave Amazon Reviewer

There’s never been a book on connecting with, understanding and exploring the potential of young people as this. It’s a must-read.

- Dora Okeyo Goodreads Reviewer

Answering Why is an excellent resource for educators, parents, employers, and anyone working with today’s younger generation…As an educator for 35 years, I found Mark’s insight into Generation Y and Z to be right on target. Many of the strategies that worked effectively 35 years ago can be counter-productive today. Mark lays out a clear path for motivating today’s students to be truly successful as they seek to attain their goals beyond high school. I recommend this book for anyone working with people from teens through their 30s.

- Glenn Olson Amazon Reviewer

Mark does a great job of explaining the differences between generations in an attempt to close the generational gaps we experience with younger adults and teens. Many of the issues we often find frustrating with younger generations are explained from a different perspective and made me reconsider some of the ways I approach my students…I highly recommend this to anyone working with Milennials or Gen Z (collectively the “Why Generation”).

- areis Amazon Reviewer

Mark Perna provides both practical and big picture ideas to show strategies to help today’s young(er) people thrive in educational and workplace settings. As both a parent and an educator, I found the information in this book to be useful and valuable, while simultaneously enjoyable to read. The more folks who take advantage of and apply what Answering Why provides, the better off we will be throughout society.

- DS Amazon Reviewer

As a father, teacher and employer of the younger generations this book spoke to me on many levels. It’s refreshing to hear some positive thoughts on how to teach, collaborate with and inspire the younger generations. It’s an easy read and I was able to put some items into immediate action that have proven to be home runs. Mark pours his heart and soul into this book and shares some personal stories that I’m sure many parents can relate to. I don’t leave many reviews, but I highly recommend this book.

- Todd Bertsch Amazon Reviewer

If you are a parent, educator, industry professional, or anything in between who is grappling with how to motivate students to find their career passion and pathway, then Answering Why is the book for you.

- Jen S Amazon Reviewer

Mark provides an entertaining and honest take on how and what we can change in education to build a career development program K-12…This book is so on point and effective that it will be a book study for administrators and leaders in organizations across our country – if we want to become effective and build a productive workforce. I know it will in our organization!

- Michael A MacDonald Amazon Reviewer

As a secondary career tech educator, I can attest to the success of the ideas Mark shares in this book. In order to prepare students and employees to meet today’s workforce challenges, we must help them see the “Why”. This insightful and thought provoking book can arm its readers with strategies to do just that.

- G Reichow Amazon Reviewer

This book helped me to understand my own children better. It has helped me to better understand my students at school and to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel…This is an amazing read from and amazing author!

- Jeremy R Amazon Reviewer

The author makes a lot of good points and suggestions for working with the younger generation and motivating them. I think this is a great book for a parent or an employer to get some insight. I wish I had read it when my kids were younger.

- Debra Goodreads Reviewer

Mark Perna’s book Answering Why has been helpful for me to better understand my coworkers.

- Scott Fritz Goodreads Reviewer

This book is great for anyone who wants to help younger generations forge a new path that will ultimately help the American economy and help people live fulfilled lives.

- Lindsay Goodreads Reviewer

It is an accessible, well written, and insightful look at the way my/this younger generation, and, likely, the next couple, are motivated by different things than the generation(s) that came before, and, therefore, how to motivate and harness these differences.

- Kasi Goodreads Reviewer

Should be required reading for all parents, teachers, and hiring managers.

- Kathryn Goodreads Reviewer

As a homeschooling parent this book proved itself invaluable to helping with the many questions addressing education and where it can take you. It is an excellent read that not only illustrates the Why but lays out the how. This is a tremendous blueprint that addresses the needs facing our youth as they move forward into the world outside of their education in the primary/secondary years. This is a timely and focused read that will benefit students today and the American economy of tomorrow.

- julieandbeli LibraryThing Reviewer

I have already used some of the ideas in this book to help reach my nursing students and guide them towards their “Light at the end of the Tunnel.”…Thank you LibraryThing for the Early Reviewer’s copy of this life changing book!

- chrirob LibraryThing Reviewer

This is a great reference book for people who work with young adults (educators, parents, academic advisors, and others)…My kids are young now, but this book has made an impact on me that I am sure will stick with me until they are teenagers and we start exploring the wide range of opportunities that are open to them.

- zdufran LibraryThing Reviewer

I found myself getting pretty excited as I read this book…Whether or not schools and employers use Perna’s training and materials (which I thought quite clear), his challenges and insights ought to be front-burner material for everyone concerned–most of all students and parents. The branch is creaking.

- BobonBooks LibraryThing Reviewer

As a millenial, this book was a joy to read and really resonated with me. Passion and knowing why I do what I do helps keep me going. I took over a year off from working to review my passions and whys. Now I try to impart the same philosophy every time I train our new hires. There’s not many books that are on my list of re-reads, but I’ll have to revisit this book once a year.

- nanagee LibraryThing Reviewer

Mark Perna has written a clear and practical book on how to help Millennials and Generation Z individuals unleash their passion and discover meaningful work…Perna provides clear and useful models that can be employed by educators and employers to assist young people to envision their future and plan on how to make their vision a reality. This is an important book for educators, employers, parents, and students.

- mitchellray LibraryThing Reviewer

If you are a person who interacts with people who are younger then you and you want them to succeed then read this book…This book is a good read and worth a second read through to.

- CryBel LibraryThing Reviewer

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