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Join Mark as he explores careers, education, the millennial and Z generations, the skills gap, and more.

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Mark contributes weekly to, exploring careers, education, the millennial and Z generations, the skills gap, and workforce development. He brings a fresh perspective to the conversation about today’s younger generations and what they’re truly capable of in our changing economy and workforce. Check out his latest pieces below.

Why Employees Hate Their Jobs—And 6 Ways To Change That

Posted November 26, 2022 by Mark Perna

If they could, 64% of employees would quit or switch jobs right now. But there are specific steps employers can take to change their minds.

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Apprenticeship Or College Degree? Today, Both Can Lead To Great Things

Posted November 19, 2022 by Mark Perna

It’s National Apprenticeship Week. From tech to trades, here’s why these hands-on training pathways are worth celebrating.

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Burnout Is Educators’ Top Concern. Here Are 4 Ways To Help

Posted November 14, 2022 by Mark Perna

Educators are working hard to keep it all together for their students. But who is keeping it together for them?

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74% Of Millennials & Gen Z Think They Can Build Better Skills At A New Job

Posted November 5, 2022 by Mark Perna

A new study by Amazon finds that almost three-quarters of Millennial and Gen Z workers are planning to quit their jobs in 2023 due to a lack of skills-building opportunities.

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Why A Lack of Human Connection Is Crippling Your Work Culture

Posted October 29, 2022 by Mark Perna

True human connection in the workplace is harder to find than ever before—and it’s taking a toll on employee engagement and retention.

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Here’s How To Hunt For A Job Before (And After) The Recession Hits

Posted October 23, 2022 by Mark Perna

With a recession looming, it’s normal to feel anxious about keeping your job or landing a new one. Rather than worry too much, take these concrete steps to put yourself in the best position possible to weather any tough times ahead.

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Penny For Your Thoughts: Why Quality Thinking Is Declining Worldwide

Posted October 16, 2022 by Mark Perna

Lenovo’s first Think Report found that many Millennial and Gen Z workers worldwide are struggling to think beyond survival mode. What does this mean for the workplace?

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In A Shifting Education Marketplace, The College Degree No Longer Reigns Supreme

Posted October 14, 2022 by Mark Perna

On-the-job training, licensure programs and ‘YouTube University’—according to a new study commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, all of these are considered viable options by young people disillusioned about college.

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The Skills Young People Need To Thrive During The Next Recession

Posted October 1, 2022 by Mark Perna

Today’s young people face an uncertain economic future as they enter the workforce—but there are skills they can learn to put their best foot forward and thrive.

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Why Companies Should Embrace Boomerang Employees Who Want To Come Back

Posted September 25, 2022 by Mark Perna

62% of workers who changed jobs during the Great Resignation regret it and would return to their previous employer. Here’s why companies can’t afford to miss out on this rising talent pool.

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